Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Reader

I've now been keeping this blog for almost 200 posts. In time that's not that long, as I started in November and now we are in mid-February. But this has became an important part of my daily routines and my free time activities. A thing I enjoy doing, my own place to fill with stuff. And now, when I'm quite satisfied myself, I'd like to know what you readers think. So please tell me:

What do you like and dislike? What do you enjoy reading, and what you consider as unnecessary crap? Is there enough text, or too much? And what about the pics? Is there something you'd like to read about, that I haven't wrote yet? Any ideas or other feedback?

This time I won't be publishing the comments, so feel free to say what you have to say. If you rather want to email me, go ahead. And I am especially interested of those readers who I can't see, but who I know are out there. So if you aren't a follower or a close friend, but you are still reading this, please share your thoughts. Please remember the easiest way to give feedback is to click the boxes after every post. So if you could do that more often, while reading my blog, you would make me very happy.

I'd like to know all this so I could develop my blog a bit. And of course, cause I'm curious. Most of all I would like to know, who I'm writing to. So if you could tell me something about yourself and why you are reading this, it would be superb. But please, don't expect anything special to happen in here after your feedback. I'll still keep myself the right to choose what I'll blog, and the most important person to please will still be myself. But there's always a change to learn, and I'd like you to help me to do it this time.

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