Friday, February 26, 2010

Dreams and history

I had a dream where I went to the shower, and suddenly all the pink was washed away from my hair. When I looked at the mirror I was the same old me with my natural brown hair. I was shocked, but kinda relieved at the same time, cause now I wouldn't have to dye my hair to get rid of the pink. But in that dream I was so used to the thought of bright red hair (something I would like to try next in this real life) so I dyed it anyway. My hairdresser thought I was crazy.

Well, needless to say, I'm still pink-haired. But this morning I found an old photo booth pic of me in Spring 2006. Although my style makes it look more like 1976 or something.


Riikka said...

What a lovely picture, even if you look way older in that one than you look nowadays. :)

Antidisko said...

More like '67. And yeah, you look a lot more beutiful today.