Saturday, February 20, 2010




I cannot explain it. I have no reason or even an excuse. I just have a feeling. You could almost call it a need. A need to get something shiny and glamorous to my little life. Sequins, beads, glitter...whatever, as long as it shines. Something to brighten me up. Not that I feel blue or anything, but some shine could always help, right?

This is so weird cause I have never really been a glitter girl before. I have actually had problems with things too shiny. I never use gemstones, diamonds or sequins. I have always seriously disliked glitter. I do not know why, but it somehow changed when I dyed my hair. Cause a part of my look is so over the top at the moment, I have curiosity and braveness to try some other new things as well. It is like a license to be as silly as possible at once. I am curious too see whether or not there will be changes to this when I redye my hair again. And to be honest, it might happen soon. I love pink, but am a bit tired of changing everything around me pink too.

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Maija said...

I love glitter. And bling. And shine. For the longest time I was ashamed to admit it, but no more! I'm a glittery kind of girl, damnit, and it that makes me tacky or kitchy, so be it.

I think having shiny things in your life can make the rest of it a bit shiny too.