Thursday, March 4, 2010

Display of color

At the moment I'm wearing
Black ankle boots with bright blue shoelaces,
A mismatching pair of multicolored woolen socks
Brown woolen tihgts,
A rust red cord skirt,
Brown longsleeved shirt,
and an orange-white teashirt on the top of it.
A black cardigan,
two scarfs, one of them white and other one red
both with russian floral design (including pink, red, green, blue, yellow and green patterns).
And of course, not to forget my at-the-moment aniline hair.

I have to say I got a bit scared when I came out of the toilet and unexpectedly saw myself from the mirror. But when I got over the shock the colors made me smile.

(Of course this would have been easier to represent with just one pic, but then there would have been no reason to write a list. And I love lists, you know.)

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