Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Matter of Life and Tights

I don't know if anyone remembers my colorful tight challenge anymore, the one I was talking about when I found out I have approximately 40 pairs of tights in 17 different colors. You know, wearing a pair in different color every time I leave the house in a skirt for the next two weeks or so. Well, I finally started doing it today. It's been too cold until today, but this morning I didn't freeze dead in my red tights, so it's high time to start already. I also have that black basic skirt I was dreaming of, so no more excuses.

It may be that you're gonna see some feet shots (with tights, of course) in the near future, so better to get prepared. The one in this post is an old one from last August, it's not that warm yet. And in the place the photo was taken isn't any dry asphalt at the moment - our whole backyard has turned into lake.

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