Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Happy Cat is Happy

I have been really happy today, cheerfully happy. Skipping-a-bit-while-walking-happy. Almost Sound-of-Music-kind-of-happy (well, I'm obviously talking about the singing on the mountains-part, not the Nazi-part). Why? No special reason, just all the small things. I slept late. I had breakfast in bed while reading a magazine. It was warm outside, and I had a walk in my new sneakers. It was the first sneaker-day of the spring. And I spotted a car that matched with my pink nail polish. My friend taught me to make paper beads. And later on we made some pizza with my boyfriend. But probably the best thing of the day has been time. There's plenty of it. Plenty of time to do nothing. And there's another two free days left. Miaow.


Elsa said...

Löysin blogisi juuri, en oikein tiedä miten. Luin ja katselin kuviasi monta kuukautta taakse päin, ja kylläpäs pidinkin näkemästäni :)

Palaan varmasti!

Inari said...

Kiitos, tästä kommentista tuli todella hyvä mieli <3