Friday, April 2, 2010

Yes, I love colors

The bedroom post I promised, here it comes.
Some details, while it's still clean around here.

Curtains new to this room, but otherwise pretty old.
I have no idea where they originally came from,
as they are my boyfriend's.

The window sill with the mushroom lamp
(also my bf's, I love it so much),
a radio that doesn't work but looks good,
my moustache mirror, an artwork I got for birthday present
and an alarm clock I've had since a little girl.

I love rag rugs...

...And our bed from the 70's or so.
Bought used and cost only 20€.

My dresser usually has piles of stuff on the top of it.
For the time being it's actually possible to see my mathryoskas,
and I like it, I have to admit.

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