Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh Summer Dress

{all pics via Halens}

I haven't bought any clothes since the beginning of January. Back then I realized I have too many clothes and no money, so I decided not to buy anything until 1st of May. And I've kept my promise. It's actually been surprisingly easy to avoid buying clothes. I've just radicallyignored anything clothes-related for the past months. Haven't stepped into stores. I've even removed all the catalogues I receive straight from the doormat to paper recycling. No looking, even no peeking, cause then I might want something I don't need. And if I wan't something bad enough, I can make a need for it.

But today, today I slipped. I opened one catalogue to read it in the toilet (yes, I read there. And I know you do too, so no need to look that surprised). And now I want want want things. Especially dresses. It's almost spring outside, so I do need a new summer dress, right? Oh, they had so many beautiful ones. I virtual shopped for a while and now I have stuff worth 90€ in my shopping cart. But I can't buy anything, cause then I couldn't trust my decisions anymore at all. I've failed every diet, sugar strike and beginning of new lifestyle this year, so I can't fail this. Not that I had any money, 90€ is a maximum I can spend for necessities during the next three weeks.

Oh May, please come soon! Before that I'll choose one dress I want the most to celebrate the summer. That's all I can afford, but that's still something. And I think I really deserve it.

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Maija said...

Ihania. Itellekin tulee vaatehimo, vaikka yritän kans olla ostamatta.