Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yes, I love sneakers

I also love feet/shoe shots.
So, let me introduce a couple of pairs
that have meant lot to me:

My first sneaker love <3
I used them until they broke during
a music festival one summer.
Well, I had to get home, so I just taped
them and continued my journey.
But soon after returning home I buried them
into our trash can.

The first (and so far the last)
patterned pair I've ever had.
This picture was taken
in a swing, that explains why it looks like that.

The first picture of my
totally black pair.
Those laces later on ended up on my
brother's sneakers (with the beads, of course).

And the last picture of my most
beloved pair, the red ones.
May they rest in piece,
on a dumbing place somewhere near London.

Eagerly waiting for making new memories
and taking new pictures
with my newest pair,
the one you saw on Saturday.
(Chosen and bought by my mum.)
Hey summer, we are waiting for you!

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