Monday, August 23, 2010

The best of seasons right after spring

I couldn't fall asleep cause my toes were icy-cold. I tried to snuggle and cuddle up next to him to get warmer, but it didn't help my toes. And because icy-cold toes on your side aren't the nicest way to wake up, I let him be. Gave up and tried to find a pair of knitted socks in our dark bedroom.

I also wore tights today, first time after the end of April. It felt weird. So did the observation I had to close the balcony door at 8 pm cause it was chilly in the living room. For the whole hot summer it's been open day and night. We've also been sleeping with the window open since May. I guess soon we have to close it because of the cool, but I wouldn't like to, because the breath of fresh air has become so good friend of mine. Sleeping without it feels so...airless.

I guess it's official now.
Fall is here.
Welcome friend!

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Maija said...

I've missed fall too. Just did an inventory of my socks and tights today and can't wait to wear them. Would like to add lighting up candles to the list of nice fall things, and curling up on the sofa with woolen socks and a box of cookies to enjoy the candles.