Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear so and so...

Dear sky,
please don't rain on my books when I bike to the library.

Dear jumpers and cardigans,
It's lovely to wear you again.

Dear former boss from London,
thank you so much for the chocolate you sent me!

Dear burnt orange,
you are my favourite color today.

Dear bargain store,
I would appreciate it so much
if you still had that lovely yellow yarn left.

Dear boyfriend,
I promise I'll sew up your jeans and
finish your new mittens
before it gets really cold.

Dear hand-knitted beanie,
thank you so much for saving this bad hair day.

Dear rich people,
could someone send me money for a hairdresser?

Dear S,
this morning I had my black tea with milk and honey,
and it was oh-so-lovely.
Therefore I'll promise I'll never mock
your tea-drinking habits again!

With lots of love,
Miss Notebook

1 comment:

Sanna said...

The battle was long and grueling, but victory is mine! :D