Friday, August 13, 2010

Simple is good

I made this post as a part of Elsie's blog project. The point of the project is to choose four personal goals to achieve before 2011. Goals are supposed to be simple and activity oriented ones that would make you life happier and richer on daily basis. Read more about it here.

So, after thinking about it for some time I've decided that these will be my simple goals:

1. Photographing more on film
Most of my film cameras are lomography cameras that I lusted over for ages but haven't used that much when I finally got them. So it's high time to get back to film and plastic cameras. Those pictures are so pretty and always make me happy! I also have an old camera with a half-taken roll of 120 mm film inside, time to finish it too.

2. Taking more walks
For the sake of getting fresh air and exercising a bit. Probably on a "walking instead of using a buss for short distances" - basis.

3. Journaling and doodling more
Art journaling makes me happy every time I do it, but it's still easy to push it "for tomorrow" that actually never comes. I also like doodling, especially all kinds of doodle projects, but seldom do it just because I suck at drawing. Time to reject the excuses and get some artsy doodling/journaling done.

4. Doing nice things to other people, both strangers, friends and frengers.
There's always room for nice actions in this world, and I love to make people around me happy. I already have some plans including i.e. surprise mail for friends and giving compliments to strangers.

Part of the project is to blog about achieving your goals, so you're gonna hear more about this some time. Before 2011, for sure.

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