Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sugar, No Spice

A couple of years ago we both read the book La libellule se ses huit ans by Martin Page. Apparently the book was never translated to English, I read the Finnish translation as I don't know any French. Anyway, in the book there's an episode where the main character offers tea to her guest. She doesn't put any sugar on the table but just says "I hope you're not one of those idiots who put sugar in their tea".

And here's the thing: I put a lot of sugar in my tea, I never have my tea without it. So when we drink tea my boyfriend often repeats the line of that character from the book. And every time I answer "No, I'd just like to have some tea in my sugar".

My boyfriend then, well, if somebody offers him sugar with his tea or coffee he always says "No thank you, I'm sweet enough without it".

Well, that was a little story of my life.
Whether it interests anyone, I have no idea.
I just felt like telling it.

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