Monday, November 16, 2009

A moody monday

Everything is all right,
but I'm just terribly homesick today.
Almost wish I could back my packs and leave already.
When my best friend yesterday walked through the gates at the tube station,
there was a tear in my eye.
I almost followed her, and asked her to stay so I wouldn't have to be alone again.
Cause it's always harder when you've been with someone close to you, even for a short while.
Luckily there wasn't any credit in my Oyster and I couldn't get through, so it saved her for embarrasment.

I miss not only my friends and family, but also my flat.
I miss hot water coming out of the kitchen tap without waiting
and I miss being able to bake cakes (and that pleased smile on my boyfriends face when he walks in and smells the cake.)
I miss our sofas (even the ugly one)
and especially our bed. I miss sleeping together with someone
and not having to wake up alone.
I miss being able to call my mum without having to think how much that costs
and I miss someone who could understand my own language.
I miss a proper pizza (please believe me, you should never eat a pizza in England)
and someone cooking for me.
I miss snow and minus degrees, stars seen from our balcony when having a smoke (or in my case, a lollipop). I miss standing on the roof and being able to see the whole city.
I miss going to my favourite caf├ęs
and spending time with you.
I miss you.

I miss comments.
Is there anyone out there?


Maija said...

Perhaps all your readers are intimidated by your sudden change of language. If you write in English, are we supposed to reply in English? And how are we supposed to pull that off when Blogger doesn't have spell check? Either way, I miss you, and wish you were here so I could harass you with my issues face-to-face and not just send befuddling messages in the middle of the night. And for other reasons too.

Inari said...

Maybe, and I guess they have every right to be confused. It just is that all the languages are now one big mess in my head, so it seems easier to write with that one I have to speak all the time. But the Finnish blog is still alive, and my readers there seem to be very lazy leaving comments as well. (And I don't care them mumbling that it's like a part-time job to read my blogs when I update this often...)

Anyway, you can comment in any language you want. But if you want me to understand your comment, try not to use Japanese, Chinese, Arabese or some other of the hundreds of languages I cant read. But if you will, I'll just answer something you can't understand either. Fair play, you know.

And I didn't mind your message at all. It made me smile, I just felt that I was not at my very best to answer such a question. Actually, I had to read that message three times before I understood anything. But it wasn't my fault: it was a long one and I got the middle part last so at first it just made no sense.

I still love you.